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Daily Show on Wikipedia

This is a really interesting clip about Wikipedia from the Daily Show.  It might be interesting to show if you’re talking about how Wikipedia works with a class!  YAY Daily Show!

Well, it’s not embedding right now, but I’ll work on it, and for the moment, here’s the link!

Daily Show Clip on Wikipedia


Websites I’m going to use for my Final Project

As I presented in class, my lesson plan is about using technology to help students present a screenplay of a specific important part of a novel.

Here are the websites I’m planning on using!

Xtranormal – for video

Edmodo – for communication outside of class

PIxton – for the comics

Google – for information about screen play elements


Link to Final Lesson Plan for Dance Ed

My lesson plan

Who Represents You?

For my final lesson plan I think that I’m going to focus on civic engagement, and specifically how students can engage with their elected officials.  This lesson will be part of working towards a project where students will create a proposal for one of their elected officials about a problem that they see in their community.  They will use technology to research and engage with their elected officials, and the groups they’re working on the project with.  And, here’s the link with more information on my ideas!!


Digital Storytelling

I ran across this article in Eye On Education’s blog.  It’s about using digital storytelling in the classroom and includes links to a lesson plan on collaborative storytelling.  You should check it out!  I thought it was pretty interesting.

Video Project

After many issues with my computer, let’s see if this finally works from an NYU computer!  This is a video introduction/syllabus introduction to a dance course in a conservatory program.  First video, first time using iMovie…be kind.  🙂

Ancient Mesopotamian Social Classes

Hi All!

My little video here is about the social class structure in Ancient Mesopotamia.  Actually, it’s basically the same structure that applies to most of the Ancient World.  I hope you all enjoy!