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1) Digital Text –> Explain how to use various technologies in the classroom –> smartboard, graphing calculator (if math class), spreadsheets, etc.  Some combination of one or more of the above.  (I may do it as a video instead of a text… not sure yet).

2) Poem with educational information: ex: historical figures, geography, significant events in history

3) Writing: how to address some of the different learning styles in the classroom.

4) Video: How to foster creativity and maximize learning in any classroom.


Comments on: "Assignment # 1 –> Ideas for first project" (7)

  1. ichawla- i like all those ideas. I especially like really getting into excel. There is so much more that can be done with it than just creating spreadsheets, especially to “see” math. Plus, I know so many people who use it in their jobs, and the ones who know how to manipulate it make their jobs SO much easier and are far more efficient, productive, and happy!

  2. Hi Ispreeh…your plans are great..you also open me to the things that I will doing for my project…..I think you would just choose which you heart and mind favors most….

  3. I would be interested to see all of these…so I will agree with the first two responses, as well! Because I am in dance ed, I would also be interested in the combination of the last two in some shape or form…how to address different learning styles in the classroom while fostering creativity…or addressing different learning styles by the use of creativity in the classroom. Though, the combination of the two may extend beyond 3 minutes! 🙂

    • Interesting that you should say that! You know, I was actually thinking of combining the last 2. But yeah, the 3 minute mark definitely needs to be taken into consideration!

  4. love these ideas… but like you said, you do need to narrow your focus a little. pick a small piece of something. I do thin the excel idea is good – if only because it’s unfortunately a skill that is needed in the real world, but I feel like there’s a way to introduce it to students that will help them see the value in it.

    we’ll be talking about process in class, so we’ll adress some of this then!

    • Thanks Sava! I am going to look into it. I may end up doing Excel since I spent some time studying it about 2 years ago. It would be a shame not to be able to share what I learned!

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