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YouTube used in Dance Education


  1. Recorded visual reference for choreography serves as a better reference than recalling by memory or deciphering hand written notes on dance pieces
  2. Allows for comparisons in dance technique to show body alignment/prevent injury (A “pro” educational dance video would contain signaling or background narration to avoid cognitive overload)
  3. Serves as a reference in dance history or contemporary dance…students can view work by dance artists or choreographers (past or present) whom they are studying in their current classes


  1. How trustworthy is the source of the video as it relates to a specific artist or form of dance?
  2. Is the quality of the video hindering the “point” of the material which is being delivered? (may contain elements of cognitive overload…split-attention, extraneous material, redundancy, etc.)
  3. Copyrights…Is my own choreography or choreography of my students being posted and open to the public?

Comments on: "Assignment 1 – Part 1 – Pros and Cons of YouTube for Dance Education" (2)

  1. Hmm, you bring a valid point with the copyright issue in your list of cons. How could you copyright your material?

  2. great example! especially for dance. there is so much on youtube… but you’re right. part of what you’ll need to address is how to help students tell between genuine and useful dance from something that might not be relevant to them.

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