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1) User friendly easy to register and to access.

2) It has a lot of benefits to teachers such as they can collaborate with teacher of their field through joining the community, it can be used for make up works for students who were absent, keep parents updated with their children in your class and many more.

3) You can use it for grading online project.


1) Well it is all dependent on the accessibility of internet in the classroom or in the students household. ( I can feel already a problem when I apply this in my teaching back in my country where internet or computers is lacking in my school, and very few student who have access in computers at home)

2) It can also cause cognitive overload especially when you give different website links for your students to refer for their assignments.

3) It can be abused by students since they can make an account as a teacher and since Edmodo doesn’t authenticate, it is a threat


Comments on: "Assignment 1 Pros and Cons with Edmodo" (1)

  1. really great points. you should follow edmodo on twitter and give them feedback!

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