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Assignment 1 (Web tool)

I am so interested to learn about Edmodo (in fact I am reading and exploring it) -in the realm of education, it is one the web tool allows teachers and students to collaborate and learn more. It is somewhat similar with face book but specifically created for teachers and students. In social studies class I can use this by uploading historical documents which I use in the class instead of photocopying them. Also I can post link to website for resources and video useful in the class.


Comments on: "Assignment 1 (Web tool)" (3)

  1. Wow! I never heard of this tool before? Where did you learn about it? Can it be used in the classroom? Because I believe facebook is banned inside most school buildings (secondary school anyway).

  2. Hi, Isphreet, I get it from the box of tricks which Ms. Savah gives us the link….I registered now…and try to learn and discover its cool…I think its allowed in school.

  3. we are actually going to look at both edmodo and another service for our next assignment – you have a head start now! =)

    this is an example of how educational technology companies are trying to use the facebook paradigm in the classroom…

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