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Idea for the Project

Since I am Social Studies Teacher I am interested into making or creating either of the following:

1) An Imovie – about a historical figure in either world or global history.

2) Digital presentation – about a certain culture or geographical region

3) Create a virtual tour presentation of a Historical site


Comments on: "Idea for the Project" (4)

  1. I love the idea about a virtual tour presentation! This could be a very interesting and unique presentation! What kind of historical sites are you into?

  2. Well Im not so fixed with my mind but in the Fall Sem we had project where we design an educational tour, I chose The Highline as my site….I am thinking of the possibility to create a virtual tour for it…yet I have to learn how to it…I am not so techy….

  3. cindyflores09 said:

    I also really like the idea of a virtual tour. I think it will be really engaging for students that are not easily engaged in classes such as social studies. It is definitely a twist in instruction that I think most students will enjoy.

  4. a virtual tour might be a little ambitious for the purposes of this class, given the time constraints =) BUT, you can do a video tour? there are other ways to do a tour that are more low-tech. we’ll talk in class!

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