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The Use of YouTube as “Do Now”

When I student taught last semester in high school, I often showed students YouTube video clips about the day’s math topic at the beginning of lesson. I mostly used YouTube videos as “Do Now” to bring students’ attention. I was able to feel that students were much less distracted and engaged more in class. YouTube video clips worked wonderfully as a connection between students and class. Students usually can’t focus on class right away when class starts. It is important for teacher to help students to switch their attention to class shortly after break. That’s why “Do Now” is very important in lesson plan. “Do Now” should be short(5-10 minutes) and very impressive. It plays a significant role in class by stimulating students’ motivation. Many mathematical video clips in YouTube can be used as “Do Now” because they can stimulate students’ curiosity and learning desire. Also, since many longtime videos at once can exceed students’ available cognitive capacity, it is appropriate to use videos as “Do Now”. By showing a short YouTube video clip as “Do Now”, teacher can help student learning and achievement better.


Comments on: "One example of a good use of YouTube" (2)

  1. cbarrett07 said:

    This is a really great idea. Classroom management is a challenging task and I think your idea can be a scaffolding tool as well. I appreciate the the use of youtube “as a connection between students and class.” I think I will use this in my classroom. Great idea!

  2. also, it’s a great way to use engaging material to get students started and interested. good idea!

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