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Project Ideas

My main idea is to create a video podcast illustrated a simple mathematical argument or proof. I may do something geometric, or maybe not; my inspiration would be the Khan Academy videos. I wonder if you know about any good tools to draw abstract shapes and text and manipulate them in a video–please let me know if you have any ideas. I wonder if there are any other forms of media that are good for this type of project–perhaps an online slide-show of some sort (with “next” and “previous” buttons so that students can proceed at their own pace).


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  1. I’m also in Math and thought about Geometric proofs. We can do lots of things about Geometry on a video podcast. You can do not only proofs but also Geometric Constructions and Locus. It will be fun showing how to draw lines or shapes using video podcast.:)

  2. there are few things you can use – sketch up, scratch – see if those are helpful? I will try and find more resources for you =)

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