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One sort of frustrating thing about school internet is that the DOE blocks sites like youtube because they feel they are inappropriate.  To remedy that problem, sites like teachertube offer an alternative so that teachers can use videos in the classroom that are otherwise blocked.


  1. Allows access to resources that are otherwise unavailable in the classroom
  2. It’s mostly videos, audio and documents created by other teachers, and then shared by the creator, so there isn’t as big of a problem with copyright infringement.
  3. It could be used for students to post their work so that it can then be shared with the class.


  1. It requires classroom access to the internet.
  2. There’s not much information on the people who created the works, so everything would need to be carefully verified.  That makes it something I probably wouldn’t send students to.
  3. It’s much more limited in scope when compared to something like youtube, so it doesn’t really work as a replacement.

Comments on: "Pros and Cons for TeacherTube" (2)

  1. Sounds like there are a lot of benefits in that teacher-tube can be used in the classroom, as long as there is internet access. However, there are a lot of restrictions in terms of the fact that it can’t be a replacement for youtube. Any ideas as to how you might be able to work around this issue?

  2. I don’t think that as one person you can really remedy the fact that there is less content on a site like teachertube as compared to youtube. By its very nature it has a more limited target audience. However, one advantage to the limited audience is that the purpose is more focused on education, so while there may be less content, there’s also less weird crap to filter through.

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