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Pros and Cons for the use of YouTube


1. Many mathematical video clips in YouTube can increase students’ motivation and interest in Math. By showing fun and interesting YouTube video clips in class, teacher can draw students’ attention to class.

2. Students can learn that math is closely connected to the real world from YouTube videos. Many students might think math is useless in their real lives, which make them lose their interest in Math. By showing the videos of Fibonacci Sequence, Pascal’s Triangle, or any other mathematical concepts in nature and human life, teacher can help students to increase their mathematical connection skills.

3. Students can learn further via YouTube. YouTube contains many Math lecture videos. Students can do E-learning not only at class but also at home individually. YouTube can boost students’ autonomous and independent learning.


1. Lesson relying too much on YouTube can cause cognitive load. We can easily see students’ distractions when teacher shows too many video clips for a long time. For meaningful learning, I think teacher should constrain time or video numbers when using YouTube in class.

2. It is hard to say that all YouTube video clips are educational. Some videos might have uneducational and harmful scenes for students. If teacher just lets students freely surf YouTube site, then students can be easily exposed to uninstructive information or visual scenes.

3. It is dangerous to fully believe information offered in YouTube videos. It is important to know that a YouTube video has to contain its producer’s opinion and personal thought. When showing a YouTube video in class, it is significant for teacher to lead students’ discussion about the video.


Comments on: "Pros and Cons for the use of YouTube" (2)

  1. cbarrett07 said:

    You’ve made a good point about the believability of information from cyberspace. This is one of the many reasons why the use of media cannot be used in the class without extreme caution and conscientiousness. Students can be impressionable and it is our duty as teachers to protect their minds, at least while they are in our care.

    • you make a good point. I will take it further and say that it is our responsibility to teach students how to discern good content and sources from more questionable ones. so, instead of preventing them, we should show them how to look at content. makes sense?

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