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Using Twitter in an educational setting is an opportunity to break up the monotony of what an English Language Arts classroom can be. Considering Richard E. Mayer and Roxana Moreno’s ‘Nine Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning’, using a network such as Twitter would be beneficial in the classroom where there are both general education and special education students. For both groups, it can be an opportunity for learning together.

I would use a combination of sounds, pictures and words from a text we are reading in class to engage in a cyber conversation. That is, the text with sound and picture will be posted to trigger a cyber literary circle. To give time to process, the display will be up while students are given the chance to write or think about their thoughts about the prompt given.

This activity will not only break up the monotony but will also motivate the students to write and publish what they have written. Motivation is an important aspect of teaching and learning.


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