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Assignment #2

here are the assignments for this week:
  1. as mentioned in class, we’re comparing and contrasting two different online services for teachers to use in class that based on the recent popularity of social networking sites. take a look at Edmodo and Schoolbinder and see how they might or might not work for you in your classroom context. feel free to communicate directly with the services through their forums, blogs, and of course through twitter (@edmodo and @schoolbinder). post your thoughts as a new blogpost and comment on each others’ experiences. Feel free to collaborate to create classes and use the services in a ‘real life’ simulation.
  2. in addition to this, we’re going to find a couple of active blogs by practitioners in your field and… comment on them! our community is out there and excited to welcome us. so we should seek them out, right? report on your experience in a blogpost – how did you find the blogs? what made you comment? did you get a response?
  3. our mid-session projects are not due till next Tuesday, but I hope you’re still thinking about them. this is not mandatory, but feel free to report on where you are in the process – have you decided what you want to do? what subject? have you planned it out? do you have an example of what you want to do?

a few things:

  1. if you haven’t yet signed up for some of the services we had talked about in class, I encourage you to do so. if you get a delicious account, start bookmarking interesting things you come across on the web and if you think they are relevant to your k12technyu class, you should tag them with that so that we can all access them. I’ll work on putting a widget on our blog that displays these as they are tagged.
  2. if you are on twitter, go through my followee list and find people that seem interesting to follow. I know for a fact that I follow math, english, and science educators, so I’m sure you will find people you can add to your personal learning networks. also, don’t forget to mark any tweets relevant to our class with #k12technyu =)
  3. send me an email about hardware needs re: your video projects if you need any help. I know a couple of you mentioned you might need help.

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