our class community blog!


here are some resources to get you started…

  • audio: if you don’t have a mac and garageband, you can download and useAudacity for free.
  • if you are taking clips from youtube or vimeo, you can use clipnabber.
  • if you want to convert file formats, you can use ffmpegX for mac or handbrake for mac and pc.
  • Aviary is a great resource for free online ‘creation tools’, as they call it.

go through the Links page for more resources and please add tips, links, anything else to this list and the other list.

think about this: as we are gathering resources, does it make sense to have a links page and just list all of them? what are the different ways in which we can share these resources? delicious? wiki? other?

also, this might be of interest, and we can discuss in class if we get the time. take a look at the Technology Integration Matrix and tell me what you think. maybe even look to see what other people are saying about it. post comments, links, thoughts here.

have a great week!


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