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edmodo and schoolbinder

I find the two social network interesting tools to be utilized in classroom setting especially that many teachers are adapting this. In terms of features they are slightly the same though Schoolbinder is having more and much complicated. With advantages both of them provide nearly the same benefits and usefulness both for the teachers and students. I could use them in giving assignments, posting text documents, website links, online test, and grades and feedback  to my student assignments. Also I can  make connections of teachers in my fields.

One good thing with Schoolbinder is that they are recognized by nycdoe. Though when I view their website their screen cast tour is on the process of upgrading. They are also offering seminar for teachers and the school on how to use this.

I have joined  Edmodo now, but still on the process of learning and still did not put name for my  school and have not created a class yet. I already joined one community there. I’ve read in their discussions and learned that the Edmodo team is still seeing the concern on how the assignments post for a particular class will become a forum where student can reply to other students reply. Also one problem I think need to be considered with Edmodo is that it can be abused by anybody or students who will joined as a teacher even if their not, since they don’t have yet devised to authenticate it.



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  1. I agree that Edmodo and School Binder offer many of the same benefits. Ironically, I thought ath the School Binder was simpler since all the categories – attendance, grades, roster, assignment, etc. for a given class are accessible via their individual links when you click on a specific class.

    What do you think are the consequences if students try to join as a teacher? That is a very valid point that you are concerned with that. Perhaps each school can have some kind of verification system of its own?

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