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After taking a look at both of these resources, I find that both Schoolbinder and Edmodo could be quite helpful in the classroom.  Although, coming from a dance perspective, I am somewhat hesitant to say I would use either regularly.  But having spent my first semester getting familiar with Blackboard, I could see myself using the tools on schoolbinder and edmodo that are similar.  I would be interested to see if the dance ed students on the k-12 track would find these tools useful.  (I realize this is a k-12 course but I needed an intro into all of these tech-y things!)  As teachers, we must always be mindful of any costs and also of authenticity/privacy so those are concerns to keep in mind when using any resources similar to these.

I could also be very hesitant to use these resources due to the nature of a dance class and the expectations of the dance student.  They are not expecting homework assignments let alone discussion boards, etc.!  I am enjoying the process of our current dance classes now which are all utilizing Blackboard so maybe I will have some success in introducing these new ideas into the traditional dance classroom!


Comments on: "Assignment 2 – Edmodo/Schoolbinder" (1)

  1. What would you think of having a k-12 version of blackboard? Also, I foresee an issue of having younger children using the internet, since they are usually not as familiar with it, particularly in elementary school and earlier. How can we count on them to check for their assignments on edmodo, schoolbinder, or blackboard?

    I can understand though that these internet resources may not be necessary, or even appropriate, for a dance ed. class for the reasons you mentioned.

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