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I searched Top 20 Teacher Blogs and went to Hooda Math Blog first which is ranked in 17. But it was more like a website, rather than blog. I could find many math games and problems there, but couldn’t find her personal postings which I can comment on.

So I restarted searching other math teachers’ blogs on Math Teachers Teacher Blogs on TeacherPortal. It has many math teachers’ blogs, but many of them are closed or not for math teaching. It was not that easy to find active math teacher’s blog. But it was great to see many teachers’ voices from different States.

While exploring blogs, I found one link to a popular math teacher’s blog, Ms Amy G.’s Blog, called “Square Root of Negative One Teach Math.” She’s teaching Math Strategies, Algebra II, Calculus, and Physics now.I found one intereting posting about an easy way of explaning “log” using the “loop.” I commented on that posting but it doesn’t appear yet because it needs her approval. After her approval, I can see my comment and possibly her reply on my comment.


Comments on: "Commenting on a math teacher’s blog" (1)

  1. I can see my comment now! But she’s not replied to my comment yet.

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