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Edmodo and Schoolbinder

I signed up for both Edmodo and Schoolbinder after class. I was unaware of this kind of educational website for class before, so very excited to explore the websites. Actually, when I was a student in Korea, I was not able to use internet in class. Teachers didn’t allow students to use internet in school. I guess they might think internet includes many harmful and incorrect information, which can distract student learning. I was also worried about students’ use of internet inside or outside class, but these two websites made me change my thought.


When I signed in Edmodo, I thought it looks very familiar because it looks very similar to another social-networking website Facebook. Since I was used to Facebook, I was able to quickly learn how to use Edmodo. Many students are using Facebook for their networking these days, so I think students will definitely like to use this social learning network site. They can communicate with teacher or other students not only about math topic but also about their personal topics for advisory. Also, teacher can post many interesting math videos or documents on class blog so students can learn individually at home. Also, students can find the day’s assignment here when they forget and they can submit their assignments through this website when they miss class or forgot to hand in in class.

schoolbinder logo

Schoolbinder is also educational website useful for class, but a little different from Edmodo. This website looks more like a planner or an organizor, rather than social networking website. Edmodo blog looks more fun for me, since posting on wall like Facebook can make students feel free to participate in. They might not feel they are learning or discussing when posting. Schoolbinder looks very organized and clean but it looks more academic. I guess stronger students might like to use this, but weeker students, especially students who hate studying, might not enjoy using this. But, as a teacher, this is a very helpful and useful website. Teacher can keep reminding everyday’s assignment, test date, Teacher-Parents conference, marking period, or any other important things using this website. Also, I thought that I can also show or hand out the calendar, which assignment and homework schedule are marked on, to students.


Comments on: "Edmodo and Schoolbinder" (1)

  1. cindyflores09 said:

    I thought that Edmodo looked like Facebook as well but I didn’t view its use from your perspective. I like how you described that Edmodo can motivate students to be involved. I actually agree! I can see how that can get quiet or less engaged students to want to take part in class discussions, etc. I guess I’m still weary of how it would be prevented from turning into socializing?

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