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Go Edmodo!

Edmodo seems to be a very resourceful tool for both teachers and students.  I appreciate the fact that Edmodo is interactive.  There are webinars and blogs and ways you can create groups.  I am happy that all these services are free.  It disappointed me to find out that SchoolBinder was not completely free.  It’s free if you sign up for the very minimum service but where can that take you with a class?

In including any technology in my classroom, I have to consider the pockets of students’ parent(s) or guardian.  It was very disappointing that a teacher couldn’t use the organizer without paying the fee.  Furthermore, the students could not save as much as they wanted without paying for an upgrade.  SchoolBinder seems relatively simple and it seems students will be able to easily navigate their way through the site.  Edmodo, while not being as easy to navigate as SchoolBinder, has more features and useful tools.  Edmodo is a real community of teachers and learners.  I like the posts about the future being bright at P.S. 287.  It gives a teacher the push they need in a field that can be so easily discouraging.   This center for sharing learning experiences can show urban youth that success and high achievement are both acceptable in their communities as well as attainable.

Both of these networks are great for the classroom.  However, if I were to use any of these for saving lessons or calendars, I think backing up the information would be sensible.  You never know when a page will crash or will no longer exist.  In viewing both networks, Edmodo is definitely my favorite.

I have signed up for both and will continue to explore.  



Comments on: "Go Edmodo!" (2)

  1. I agree with you on many points. I didn’t realize that School Binder costs extra money for upgrades, and I believe that is very unfortunate. It puts students and teachers at less privileged (economically) schools at a disadvantage if they cannot afford these services. This may increase the learning and achievement gaps between certain school districts nation-wide, with only the more privileged schools being able to afford upgraded and advanced versions of School Binder. It’s understandable why Edmodo would be your favorite! How would you compare Edmodo with the free version of School Binder?

  2. cbarrett07 said:

    I would like to clarify that I do not like Edmodo over School Binder solely because it is free. I think Edmodo is more resourceful. The teaching and learning community is visible and more active. It seems to me that School Binder, at least the free version, is limited in that respect. In short, I appreciate that Edmodo gives more of an experience rather than merely giving its users organization tools. Maybe there is more to School Binder than what meets the eye. I hope I haven’t missed anything.

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