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I found a really cool blog from a teacher in Texas named Ms. Cookie. She’s been a high school math teacher for 14 years and is still very passionate about what she does. I found her entries to be entertaining, informative and overall interesting. She’s also such an experienced teacher that you can’t help but read about her techniques and  want to implement them. I also really liked that her blog was about her and her work. It included things about her personally but also as a teacher with a great deal of resources. I haven;t heard back from a comment I left her.

Also, while doing some browsing I found a Mathematical Doodling video from Vi Hart which I found AMAZING! Maybe I’m late in hearing about this but I was in awe. We have all doodled in our books at some point in some boring class and her videos make you feel validated for such behavior. Check them out!


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  1. cbarrett07 said:

    I’m not having much luck finding blogs. I’ve been searching for some time now. A lot of the interesting blogs I’ve found regarding English Education are inactive. I found one blog that I got really excited about but it’s a Professor’s blog and it’s more about discussing literature than teaching literature. Glad you found yours.

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