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I heard of this blog, dy/dan from another math education student who had already done student teaching and found it very helpful. When I visited it over the summer, I found some great lessons, as well as a lot of dan’s personal thoughts on his struggle in being a math teacher. He is an educator who is clearly very thoughtful and struggles every day wondering if the math he is teaching is the “right” math. He wants the kids to think mathematically and to like math, but what does that mean? It’s an important question for all math teachers. I commented on his post, “Required Reading: Imporving in Math,” as it was about a resource he found in England that in his estimation, every pre-service math teacher and teacher educator should read. (I haven’t received a response, but we shall see). The document contained great ideas that I could practically apply in a classroom, such as using mini white boards for quick checks during a lesson, as well as the broader context of why they fostered mathematical thought. Another the great thing about this blog is that there are a great deal of teachers and teacher educators who comment oh his posts, do there is a conversation going on, in addition to the practical lesson ideas and resources that they share. Dan is very passionate about math education and is trying to push this conversation forward. He in fact gave a Ted Talk entitled Math Class Needs a Makeover. in which he discusses the problems associated with the teaxtbooks in use today, in that they spoon feed kids what they need to do.  I am so impressed with him as a teacher, and will continue to follow his blog. He is currently taking some time out of the classroom to peruse studying education at Stanford, but his blog is still active and he is still very much involved.



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