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This is a map of a few places to go in Park Slope located in Brooklyn, New York:

Collaborators:  Charmaine Barrett and Kelsey Brikis

How We Got This Done:

1. Log on too google.com

2. Go To My Maps.

3. Click on ‘Create New Map.’

4. Enter your title and description.

5. Decide whether you want your map public or unlisted and check the appropriate box.

6. You begin your actual map by double clicking on the state you wish to map.

7.  Continue to double click until you get the image in detail to the specific neighborhood you wish to map.

8. Click on the place mark located at the upper left hand corner of the map you are creating.  The place mark is the second icon from the left.  You can move this place mark to the spot you want to mark.  Double click to add location.  You may use rich text to add photo and or color to your words.

9.  Continue to place the place mark where you would like.  Be sure you have clicked ‘Saved’ over your title and description.  This will save the map also.

10. You may invite others to collaborate with you by clicking the link titled ‘Collaborate.’  This is located above your title to the left.

11.  There are other options for printing, emailing and linking your map.



Comments on: "Fun Things To Do In Park Slope" (1)

  1. great map! watch for how you insert the links in your post… consider embedding it to. also, did you attribute your images? =)

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