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Video on Equations

Here’s my first stab at a video. I explain equations, introduce vocabulary, and show how to use some notation. I made it on Apple’s Keynote. I’m somewhat happy with the results, but I have to learn how to use some other tools to get the most out of my next video (which I intend to make pretty soon). Here’s the story behind my process:

  • Firstly, I tried exporting individual slides to iMovie to be able to edit the length of individual slides and edit things on a much more “micro” level, but this turned out to be really time consuming.
  • Next, I just recorded an vocal narration to the slideshow on Keynote, but it’s very tricky to edit either the slideshow or the narration after it has been performed. So it was difficult to get rid of audio slip-ups.
  • Lastly, there wasn’t a way to use a cursor or any “interactive” tools to make any improvisatory gestures on screen.

I’m going to investigate this; I’ll soon try to create a follow-up video. I hope you find the video useful!


Comments on: "Video on Equations" (1)

  1. this video is very informative! and well done. the few hiccups in your narration aren’t bad, really =) adds to the feeling of someone telling me something instead of it being ‘rehearsed’. having said that, it helps to have at least a rough script you want to follow, especially for such a long video. try and keep your videos shorter – people are less likely to watch longer clips. consider breaking them up into parts if you have to =)

    great job!

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