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Poetry in Motion via Hip Hop

The concept behind the video is that hip hop is poetry.  It is a way of getting students to write in an academic setting.  It is also a way to get students to interpret what they listen to.  Too often, I’ve seen young people enjoying music that may be against who they are.  For example, a young man who is gay may listen to a dance hall song that is insulting them.  This happens because people listen to the beat instead of the lyrics. 

I would use this video to show that behind the sound are words.  I would also use this to show that those who listen to music, any form of music, are a part of poetry.  I want to also show students that they can write about anything.  There are injustices to write about.  There are everyday experiences to write about. 

In addition to showing this video, I would have students choose a song of their own and create an interpretive video.  This interpretive video would accompany a poem inspired by the music they have chosen.  Their creativity would be displayed to motivate them and to build community schoolwide.

I enourage you to leave your comments. 


Music by KRS One – ‘My Philosophy’









Comments on: "Poetry in Motion via Hip Hop" (4)

  1. Hi! This was a very creative idea. I loved how you had the hip-hop/poem, with the visual effects and words to accompany it. It really drives home the message that hip hop IS poetry! It also reminds us to pay attention to what we listen to, as hip-hop, like other forms of poetry, is a type of self expression. You wouldn’t want to be groovin’ to something that is totally against your values and philosophies! Thanks for the great video! Good job!

  2. Oh yeah, and I was wondering, what made you choose this particular video/song?

  3. really great video and idea! I also love your plan to have students make their own interpretive videos – making them go through the process and learn how to pay attention. great work!!

  4. also, notice how Sony doesn’t let you play the video on our blog because you’re using copyright material =)

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