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Unit Rate Video

My process:

I wanted to create a short video with one main focus so as to not cause cognitive overload by introducing too much. Since I work with students that spend entire periods in front of a computer, I realize how disengaged they become with videos that are too dense, or long. In my student teaching, I have noticed students consistently struggle with the topic of unit rate. The unit rate is the comparison of two quantities where one of the quantities is just 1. I really believe that students engage more with mathematics when teachers can make it relevant to their lives. In my video I wanted to highlight the relevance of unit rate in our lives since we deal with it so often.

At first, I was going to do an actual moving video but I couldn’t get my camera to work. Then I looked up the Ken Burns effect. I thought it looked really cool and I decided to make the video out of still shots with audio components as well as text. Working with iMovie and making the video was a really positive experience. As I built in components to the video I started to get comfortable with the different features it offers. I also liked using Flickr to find images since there were so many options that fit every description. If students had the opportunity to watch my clip, I would hope that the idea of the relevance of unit rate in their lives would stick.



Comments on: "Unit Rate Video" (2)

  1. Hey! I thought the video was really neat! I loved the sound effects and visual examples! Who ever knew that a concept so simple is so important in our every day lives, and perhaps we use it so frequently with out even realizing! I can’t wait to see your handout in class!

  2. this was cool! it’s a great way to make a video with a compelling lesson with just images and sound effects – great job! just goes to show that you don’t always need a fancy camera and such, right? 😉

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