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I am done making an imovie video tour of the High Line Park. It runs 6 minutes. I can’t upload it. I think it is over 1 gb. I am almost upset how to upload it. Any suggestion what i can do? I try uploading it on you tube but still I am not successful. At last I am successful in uploading it in youtube.

This Highline Video Tour is a concept that I finally decided to make due to the inspiration I have last fall sem when I created a design historical tour at the High Line Park. I am equip with the text for my script since I have done a research for it last sem. To materialize it, what I did is that I actually take a video scenes from the High Line Park. I uploaded it to my mac but at first it my computer doesn’t recognize my camera. I asked the help of Ms Sava and she told me i need the vlc and good that I have just easily downloaded it online. The next challenge for me is to experiment using my first project at imovie, I find awkward hearing my voice recording for my video tour. Yet I don’t have a choice so I proceeded and done. I know it has a lot of flaws but at least I was able to try doing it. This experience will surely allow me to try and create more.

Pls. try to view it in you tube… My First Project


Comments on: "Video Tour on The High Line Park …." (3)

  1. pls bear to my accent…some are need to be edited…..this is my first attempt…. thank you for bearing with me…

  2. I want to see your video!
    it looks like you’ve managed to embed and everything, but it’s set to private, so we won’t be able to see it unless you’re logged in to youtube. don’t worry about it, you can show it in class =)

  3. lemuel BAROL said:

    how will i be able to set it in public? well i just show it tomorrow..it just very simple and need much improvement….

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