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I changed my Idea, and instead of covering misused words and phrases, I guess I covered something slightly less useful…

I tried to use a lot of different things to create the video. The only media that I really didn’t use was my own voice. I even tried putting a prezi into Windows Movie Maker. This wasn’t possible so I snipped each picture at the end from the presentation. This wasn’t as dramatic as watching the screen zoom around, but I am still satisfied at least at the simplicity and easiness with which a prezi can be created!


Comments on: "Video" (4)

  1. cbarrett07 said:

    This is an absolutely, positively “fresh to def” video! I am an English Education major and I would love to use this video for my class. It was very creative of you to include an excerpt from that funny commercial. Wonderful job!

  2. Hi! This was a wonderful video! I loved all the rich examples you used of malapropisms, especially the character named Mrs. Malaprop from “The Rivals.” I thought that was hilarious! It’s amazing how malapropisms have been used throughout history, and the word even had a character named after it! What effects might a malapropism have on a play, movie, poem, or any other work aside from its comic effect?

  3. This was great! I loved your drawing of Shakespeare, and The Rivals is one of my favorite plays! I was wondering if there was a way to record a prezi to put into a video as well. I couldn’t find anything that said there was, but maybe someone knows?

  4. awesome video! this is really cool… and useful! I’m sad that the prezi thing didn’t work out. but I do think one can make a video of the prezi that can run on its own. maybe some sort of export function? let us know if you find out. well done!

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