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Hi All!

My little video here is about the social class structure in Ancient Mesopotamia.  Actually, it’s basically the same structure that applies to most of the Ancient World.  I hope you all enjoy!


Comments on: "Ancient Mesopotamian Social Classes" (5)

  1. Moranajess said:

    I really like this video! The clip art at the beginning is simple and entertaining and I also really like how you show art from the time period that you are talking about as well as clear simple diagrams (the pyramid). Even as a future english teacher, I could use this short video to give the students as idea of a different social structure in a clear engaging way if I were using a Social class lens for whatever novel we are reading. Your narration is also very clear and consistent.

  2. The animations were cool! Did you draw them yourself? Very good & humorous use of media, especially the picture of the frazzled woman with the iron, clock, and pot…

    • Thanks! I drew the stick people myself (my students will tell you that’s the extent of my artistic ability!), but the rest come from the NYPL digital image gallery, the Met, and Discovery Ed.

  3. very cool. love the little stick figures =) well narrated and thought through… it gives us a different way to think about things like the pyramids and who built them. great job!

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