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This is one of the lesson on the unit Ancient Egyptian civilization particularly on Egypt geographical features and sites. In the activity of the lesson students will research on the internet about the sites or places in Egypt assigned to them. They will also copy the image of those sites either using google images or flicker. The output of their research is a mini power point presentation of about 5 slides about their assigned places or sites. They will also create a site map of these places using google map after learning how to create my map by watching the video tutorial.

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SOC. STUD. (Global History) LEMUEL B. BAROL
Ancient Civilizations of Africa (Egypt) March 7, 2011
Unit Question: 

How did Ancient Civilizations contribute to the development of Eastern Hemisphere?


Students will will be able to describe the geographical features of Egypt by creating a power point presentation and a map tour using media

Learning Targets
Content know the different geographical features such as the Nile river and the desert  and their significance to the growth of Egyptian civilization
Skills research in the online sources about the characteristics and importance of of Egypt geographical features 

create a power point presentation

create a map of Egypt’s geographical features and sites using the google map

DO NOW *Arranging jumbled letters to form words like (Nile, Egypt, Kingdom, Pharaoh etc)
MINI-LESSON * What do you know about Egypt? impressions, idea, information etc 

(Buzz session)

Exploring the map and pictures of Ancient Egypt and present Egypt through slides presentation on Smartboard

ACTIVIT A. Mini Research/Power Point Presentation 

(17 total number of students) Students are seated in 4 around a table, forming one group. They will be given assigned features, place and sites in Ancient Egypt. They are going to research for it in the internet and they will come up a mini power presentation of it of at least 5 slides. Each group will be assigned 1 computer since there are only 4 units in the classroom.


  1. You will research about the salient information of the assigned places, sites or features to your group. Make a 5 sentence paragraph to describe it and use as captions.
  2. Copy the pictures or images.
  3. Present them in power point presentation.

(sample sites and places, Nile River, Nile Delta, Eastern Dessert, Western Dessert, Nile Cataracts, Nile Valley, Memphis, Thebes, Great Sphinx, Giza Pyramid)

Students will be reviewed with the do’s and don’ts in making a power point presentation.

B. Making a site map using the google map

1.Each group will create a site map on the sites or places assigned to them using the google map.

2. Students will watch the video instruction on how to create a site map using the google map.

Student will be given time to finish their work during after class

SUMMARY/ASSESSMENT Presentation of the Power point and the Site map created 

Grading will be based on the following rubrics for Power Point Presentation

  1. Content –
  2. Slide creation –
  3. Slide Transition –
  4. Choice of pictures and graphic arts
  5. Mechanics –

f) Technology connection –

Grading rubrics for the Site map created using the google map:

  1. accuracy –
  2. content –


Continue reading about Egypt focusing on its Religion using this links: 



Materials Computer units with internet connections and windows office

This lesson plan address the USA-ISTE Standards 1and 3.


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