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Video Project

After many issues with my computer, let’s see if this finally works from an NYU computer!  This is a video introduction/syllabus introduction to a dance course in a conservatory program.  First video, first time using iMovie…be kind.  🙂


Ancient Mesopotamian Social Classes

Hi All!

My little video here is about the social class structure in Ancient Mesopotamia.  Actually, it’s basically the same structure that applies to most of the Ancient World.  I hope you all enjoy!


I changed my Idea, and instead of covering misused words and phrases, I guess I covered something slightly less useful…

I tried to use a lot of different things to create the video. The only media that I really didn’t use was my own voice. I even tried putting a prezi into Windows Movie Maker. This wasn’t possible so I snipped each picture at the end from the presentation. This wasn’t as dramatic as watching the screen zoom around, but I am still satisfied at least at the simplicity and easiness with which a prezi can be created!

Microsoft Excel Video

Hey guys!  I just added my video for the mid-session project.  It is on how to use some basic functions in Microsoft Excel.  I recorded it from right inside my computer using Cam Studio and my laptop’s built-in microphone to record my voice and my activities in excel.  Then I uploaded the video to youtube, and the link is at the top of this post.

Excel is a great tool to use for many different purposes.  It can be used in various math courses or computer courses to simplify calculations or to avoid having to repeat calculations for different sets of numbers.  It is also great for accountants or for people who are starting a business to keep track of your various expenses, income, taxes, and so forth.

As a teacher, excel is also a convenient tool to keep track of students’ grades, get the class average, each student’s average, etc.  This makes grading quick and easy as opposed to punching every grade in the calculator.  I would encourage you all to play around with excel on your own, or to get a CD that explains it in further detail, since there is a lot to learn from this tool in your computer!

Project 1 Ideas

I was thinking of doing a video that could demonstrating some of the concepts associated with 3D objects, and specifically, their surface area (ie: that means painting) and volume (that means filling, ie: with water) so that the students can actually see what is going on.

I was also thinking of taking some math videos (already made) and designing accompanying narration or guided questions to help the students focus on the important parts (a form of”selecting” I suppose).

Project Ideas – Go Podcast Go Digital!

My first idea is to make a video of how single letters and words can turn into poetry. It would be a sort of falling of words onto the page: A poem in motion, if you will.

My second idea is to have a classic hip hop song played over the lyrics. The lyrics would be displayed in the form of a poem. It will then be displayed as an essay to show the possibilities of the spoken and written word.

First Project!

A few ideas for the first project:

  1. A podcast introduction to the class (goals, procedures, plans) for students and parents at the beginning of the school year
  2. A video tour of historical sites related to slavery in NYC
  3. A podcast to a guided tour of artifacts from the Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Revolution at either the Met or the American Museum of Natural History