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Responses for blog post?

Anyone get any responses yet from the blog posts you commented on for teachers in your specialty area?  I posted on two blogs, and both comments are still awaiting moderation.


dy/dan blog


Blogs, Tardiness, and Comments

We value punctuality here on the Internet. Unfortunately, between my second week of full student-teaching responsibilities and four classes in addition to this one, I have not read as widely as I should have. I’ve discovered a good blog for the math educators: Math-Blog. I have linked to its education section, which has an excellent booklist. I haven’t found something to comment on, but will in the next couple of days.

I wonder if any of you are aware of the school of thought that comments by their nature are harmful to the integrity of internet discourse. Here’s an interesting blog post discussing this viewpoint. It advocates posting responses on your own blog, and that this will create a higher level of discourse. What do you guys think?

Math Teacher Blog

1)      http://monkeymath.wordpress.com/

“Who Is Chimp Girl?”:  The first blog post I found on wordpress about a lady who is studying to become a math teacher.  She has a tremendous curiosity about the world, and as well as history and other academic subjects.  She knew that many people found math topics like calculus intimidating or boring, so she decided to try it out to see what all the fuss was about.  She fell in love with it, taking on the challenge, and that is how she decided to become a math teacher.  She is looking for new ways to deliver the material to students in a way that is fun and entertaining, even though it would still require a diligent effort on their part.  Since her son is a big fan of monkeys, he inspired her to start making word problems involving monkeys to make math problems amusing and entertaining, no matter how hard they are.  She plans to write about math concepts with monkeys as part of a major math project, and plans to do this with her son.  What inspired me to comment on her blog was her incredible passion and curiosity about math, people, and learning in general, and her desire to make math fun, which is something I am also looking to do.  As I just commented on her blog recently, asking her about what are some of the major lessons she learned for her teaching practice moving forward, and how she intends to deliver the material in a way that is fun and effective, I have not gotten a response yet.

2)      http://www.guidedmath.wordpress.com

“Dr. Nicki’s Guided Math Blog” : I also found this on wordpress.  I commented on this blog because I was fascinated with the diversity of tools Dr. Nicki included in the blog.  He says that he will include classroom pictures, links to helpful websites, and videos of sample lesson plans, and some lesson plan postings, to help math teachers looking to teach their students more effectively.  He also provides a space for math teachers to collaborate and learn ideas from one another in a sort of mastermind group where teachers can grow together. The other thing I was really intrigued with was that this blog was directed at teachers working to increase children’s mathematical proficiency in the classroom setting of small groups.  It was aimed at differentiating instruction and putting students together in small groups based on learning style, level of mathematical proficiency, and so forth.  It was also aimed at promoting a conceptual understanding of mathematics, not just a procedural one.  Since this is much of the topic of my study since last semester, at School of One where they work in small groups, as well as in two math education classes I am taking right now, I knew this topic would be very much in sync with what I am studying and looking to accomplish as a math teacher.  I commented on Dr. Nicki’s blog post telling him that I found his teaching philosophy and strategy very similar to that of School of One, and I asked him what are some of the ways he decides how to group students together, as well as some of the assessments he uses.  As I have just commented within the last five minutes, he has not responded yet.

Math Teacher Blog

I found a really cool blog from a teacher in Texas named Ms. Cookie. She’s been a high school math teacher for 14 years and is still very passionate about what she does. I found her entries to be entertaining, informative and overall interesting. She’s also such an experienced teacher that you can’t help but read about her techniques and  want to implement them. I also really liked that her blog was about her and her work. It included things about her personally but also as a teacher with a great deal of resources. I haven;t heard back from a comment I left her.

Also, while doing some browsing I found a Mathematical Doodling video from Vi Hart which I found AMAZING! Maybe I’m late in hearing about this but I was in awe. We have all doodled in our books at some point in some boring class and her videos make you feel validated for such behavior. Check them out!