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I changed my Idea, and instead of covering misused words and phrases, I guess I covered something slightly less useful…

I tried to use a lot of different things to create the video. The only media that I really didn’t use was my own voice. I even tried putting a prezi into Windows Movie Maker. This wasn’t possible so I snipped each picture at the end from the presentation. This wasn’t as dramatic as watching the screen zoom around, but I am still satisfied at least at the simplicity and easiness with which a prezi can be created!


Microsoft Excel Video

Hey guys!  I just added my video for the mid-session project.  It is on how to use some basic functions in Microsoft Excel.  I recorded it from right inside my computer using Cam Studio and my laptop’s built-in microphone to record my voice and my activities in excel.  Then I uploaded the video to youtube, and the link is at the top of this post.

Excel is a great tool to use for many different purposes.  It can be used in various math courses or computer courses to simplify calculations or to avoid having to repeat calculations for different sets of numbers.  It is also great for accountants or for people who are starting a business to keep track of your various expenses, income, taxes, and so forth.

As a teacher, excel is also a convenient tool to keep track of students’ grades, get the class average, each student’s average, etc.  This makes grading quick and easy as opposed to punching every grade in the calculator.  I would encourage you all to play around with excel on your own, or to get a CD that explains it in further detail, since there is a lot to learn from this tool in your computer!

Assignment 2

Schoolbinder Review-

The first thing I think is incredibly convenient about schoolbinder is the calendar that greets you as soon as you log in. This calendar will alert you to upcoming tests and assignments. As a teacher and a student, having a physical calendar instead of listed dates makes keeping track of assignments and exams  much easier by putting time into a helpful visual. There is less text than there would be a list of dates, which also makes it more approachable for students.  I also think that having the headings across the top and not along the side where a student may have to scroll down is also effective. Because there are only several categories, a student does not have to feel overwhelmed by the number of categories that they can click on. One of the categories is “Goals.”  This term was significant to me because it is common in education lingo  now so it will be familiar to students.


Edmodo is very user friendly as well, except as soon as I logged on, I was reminded of facebook. In this respect, I guess this is a good thing, but this may mean that it can be misused.  Students can use this wall-like page to send a message to the class about homework instead of the student have to look the assignment up themselves. On the other hand if a student that rarely does his or her homework because he or she does not write it down, now there’s another way to get the assignment anyway. Hopefully the social networking-like appearance of edmodo will encourage students to use  it.

For my first project, I think I will definitely explore misused words and phrases.

I also posted on two blogs, one that hadn’t been updated in a year, but I didn’t realize it until after I had posted and I commented on another, Cool Cat Teacher Blog, and actually received a response!

First Project Ideas

1. Make a podcast detailing the process a student may go through while creating a collage for a book character

2. A podcast going over the importance of commas in writing

3. A Podcast that explains the correct usage of commonly misused words

Pros of the Read Write Think Printing Press

The Printing press is a tool that can enable students to make their own brochures, newspapers, booklets or fliers.

Three Pros of this application:

1. It is very easy to use: Students can choose what they would like to make, there are pictures next to each word and diagrams when necessary. These pictures make the process much smoother because the students can choose easily which application he or she wants to use while keeping him or her engaged with pictures and the minimal amount of words. The text is in black, but many other colors are used in the illustrations, or as a background color.

2. Another Pro is the personalization that the tool gives right at the beginning. The student has to enter his name at the beginning of the project. Although this does not seem like a very big deal, any way students can personalize their work, hopefully with tie them into their project more.

3. Another Pro is the very clear directions that accompany the tool. Each step has a guide. Just as important is the option that the student has to turn the guide off if he or she feels as if it is too repetitive or unhelpful.

One use of this in an educational setting would simply be using it in the classroom or for homework to write either about the class, or something being studied. I think it is extremely feasible for students to create a brochure for the setting of the book they are reading about why the reader should visit place x, y orz.

First Project!

A few ideas for the first project:

  1. A podcast introduction to the class (goals, procedures, plans) for students and parents at the beginning of the school year
  2. A video tour of historical sites related to slavery in NYC
  3. A podcast to a guided tour of artifacts from the Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Revolution at either the Met or the American Museum of Natural History