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This program reminds me of blackboard. It’s a great way to communicate with students about class assignments and to keep things organized. The complete versions are also inexpensive which is a plus. The site itself is also organized very well. I found it very easy to navigate through the different tools it offers and to understand how to setup my own course. The grading feature is really good as well. I think it is really great for organization and for students to see how they are doing in their courses. The coolest feature I found was the text or email reminder feature. Students can setup their accounts to receive texts or email reminders about upcoming assignments or exams. I think that could be really helpful for students to stay on top of things and since adolescents don’t go anywhere without their phone (usually with internet access) and spend a great deal of time on a computer, it would be hard for them to miss the message. My only concern with this type of site is the issue of equal access. What happens to students who don’t have a computer or internet access as home? It seems like every home has a computer nowadays but schools that serve students of low-income families are likely to find that many students do not have internet or technology access at home.

Edmodo seems like a useful site as well. Like Schoolbinder, it has a calendar, groups, and grading. However, the services Edmodo provides are free which is a plus. I found this site to be a little more complicated to navigate and understand how to use compared to the simplicity of Schoolbinder. It looks a lot like Facebook which I don’t like. Maybe it was designed that way to motivate students to want to use it but I still like the design of Schoolbinder better. I really like that you can connect to teachers from all around on Schoolbinder. Can students also connect in that manner? That could be a little problematic since students may use it as a socializing site as well. Overall, Edmodo offers great resources. I think this site is also connected to an extensive network which is really useful for teachers.


Assignment 2

Schoolbinder Review-

The first thing I think is incredibly convenient about schoolbinder is the calendar that greets you as soon as you log in. This calendar will alert you to upcoming tests and assignments. As a teacher and a student, having a physical calendar instead of listed dates makes keeping track of assignments and exams  much easier by putting time into a helpful visual. There is less text than there would be a list of dates, which also makes it more approachable for students.  I also think that having the headings across the top and not along the side where a student may have to scroll down is also effective. Because there are only several categories, a student does not have to feel overwhelmed by the number of categories that they can click on. One of the categories is “Goals.”  This term was significant to me because it is common in education lingo  now so it will be familiar to students.


Edmodo is very user friendly as well, except as soon as I logged on, I was reminded of facebook. In this respect, I guess this is a good thing, but this may mean that it can be misused.  Students can use this wall-like page to send a message to the class about homework instead of the student have to look the assignment up themselves. On the other hand if a student that rarely does his or her homework because he or she does not write it down, now there’s another way to get the assignment anyway. Hopefully the social networking-like appearance of edmodo will encourage students to use  it.

For my first project, I think I will definitely explore misused words and phrases.

I also posted on two blogs, one that hadn’t been updated in a year, but I didn’t realize it until after I had posted and I commented on another, Cool Cat Teacher Blog, and actually received a response!

Edmodo and Schoolbinder

I signed up for both Edmodo and Schoolbinder after class. I was unaware of this kind of educational website for class before, so very excited to explore the websites. Actually, when I was a student in Korea, I was not able to use internet in class. Teachers didn’t allow students to use internet in school. I guess they might think internet includes many harmful and incorrect information, which can distract student learning. I was also worried about students’ use of internet inside or outside class, but these two websites made me change my thought.


When I signed in Edmodo, I thought it looks very familiar because it looks very similar to another social-networking website Facebook. Since I was used to Facebook, I was able to quickly learn how to use Edmodo. Many students are using Facebook for their networking these days, so I think students will definitely like to use this social learning network site. They can communicate with teacher or other students not only about math topic but also about their personal topics for advisory. Also, teacher can post many interesting math videos or documents on class blog so students can learn individually at home. Also, students can find the day’s assignment here when they forget and they can submit their assignments through this website when they miss class or forgot to hand in in class.

schoolbinder logo

Schoolbinder is also educational website useful for class, but a little different from Edmodo. This website looks more like a planner or an organizor, rather than social networking website. Edmodo blog looks more fun for me, since posting on wall like Facebook can make students feel free to participate in. They might not feel they are learning or discussing when posting. Schoolbinder looks very organized and clean but it looks more academic. I guess stronger students might like to use this, but weeker students, especially students who hate studying, might not enjoy using this. But, as a teacher, this is a very helpful and useful website. Teacher can keep reminding everyday’s assignment, test date, Teacher-Parents conference, marking period, or any other important things using this website. Also, I thought that I can also show or hand out the calendar, which assignment and homework schedule are marked on, to students.

Assgn 2 – Edmodo/School Binder


One of the reasons why I would consider using Edmodo in my classroom is that I can get very disorganized with things when I’m using paper and markers, when it comes to handing out assignments to students, keeping track of every little thing, and getting everyone’s grades down in one book.  Also, my handwriting can get sloppy at times.  I feel that having so many books or so many records to keep track of on paper can get very cumbersome for me.  That is why I may like to use Edmodo.  I can have every assignment posted there, so that students can always check there to confirm what the homeworks are and when they are due.  In addition, I can record every single grade there.  I can keep track of the records of all my students.  This is a lot neater than having a bunch of papers lying around.  In addition, I can post important alerts and updates even if I’m not in class, and the students will see them when they check Edmodo.  The other thing I like is that it is great for use if I am teaching multiple classes.  I can create a different group for each class, and subgroups for different class periods, and students can log on to their respective groups.  Also, I can organize different files by category into their respective folders, and make handouts available to students on the site.  I do not see any drawbacks or anything that wouldn’t work for me on this site.  I can also connect with other professionals and colleagues on this site to share important teaching strategies, ideas, and updates.  I only see good that can come out of this.  In addition, it is professional, as it deals only with academics and education, so I don’t have to worry about my students trying to friend me like on facebook or other social media sites.

School Binder:

I also like School Binder because it offers the same benefits as Edmodo.  Actually, I like School Binder better because on Edmodo, I did not find a place where I can keep attendance, or have a class roster right in front of me.  On School Binder, there is a section on the right when you click on any class, where you can access the class roster, record and edit attendance, as well as keep track of grades.  Each aspect has its own link where you simply slick.  On Edmodo, it is a little harder to access any specific category.  In addition, I did not find anything in Edmodo that sends reminders when assignments are due.  Teachers have so many classes and assignments and students to keep track of, so an email reminder would be helpful.  If Edmodo does have a reminder option, they did not do a very good job of making it visible.  On School Binder, there is a clearly visible reminder option.  It creates flexibility because you get to choose how you want to be reminded- text message, email, on the website, or any combination of those.  When I get reminders, if School Binder gives me the option to automatically send reminders to my students, I would do that.  Otherwise, I would just send out a mass email reminder or some kind of public notice on School Binder.  This feels more organized that Edmodo, so I am picking this over Edmodo.


Assignment 2 – Edmodo/Schoolbinder

After taking a look at both of these resources, I find that both Schoolbinder and Edmodo could be quite helpful in the classroom.  Although, coming from a dance perspective, I am somewhat hesitant to say I would use either regularly.  But having spent my first semester getting familiar with Blackboard, I could see myself using the tools on schoolbinder and edmodo that are similar.  I would be interested to see if the dance ed students on the k-12 track would find these tools useful.  (I realize this is a k-12 course but I needed an intro into all of these tech-y things!)  As teachers, we must always be mindful of any costs and also of authenticity/privacy so those are concerns to keep in mind when using any resources similar to these.

I could also be very hesitant to use these resources due to the nature of a dance class and the expectations of the dance student.  They are not expecting homework assignments let alone discussion boards, etc.!  I am enjoying the process of our current dance classes now which are all utilizing Blackboard so maybe I will have some success in introducing these new ideas into the traditional dance classroom!