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Cons of The Read Write Think Printing Press

Three cons of this tool:

1. Although it is a publisher, like microsoft word or similar applications, it is much more restrictive. A student may or may not have the choice of fonts that he or she wants or the colors that he or she wants. For simple assignments, this should suffice, but it does inhibit creativity.

2. Another con is that students are unable to use illustrations. Although the tool itself is colorful and the guide is illustrated, a student can include only one illustration per page in any of the options. This may prevent the student from feeling like their own project is really theirs if they cannot make all of the changes that they want.

3. The third con is really the fact that the student cannot save their work. It is really unsafe if the Internet drops  or they close their browser by accident. One mistake and a student may lose their work and not want to start the project over.