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I actually wasn’t that impressed with Edmodo and Schoolbinder. I do think they bring some good organizational tools to the table, however, I find that most school already have these systems of posting assignments online, having teacher portals for grades, and allowing teachers to have class sites in place already. As some people have said, schoolbinder doesn’t seem to be incredibly useful without paying. And Edmodo, while more interactive, is just a school version of facebook. I think a kid would say, “Why do I need this when I already have facebook? Just make a fan page if you want to post stuff.” While I agree it is good to use media to tap into what the kids are already doing, and I especially like the technology of videos and certain math programs (ie geometer sketchpad), I know from talking to kids, facebook is already a big distraction to them when they are trying to sit down and study. The advice I have heard given to them has been, “When you are trying to study, turn off your phone and turn off your computer. You need no distractions.” I can’t say that I disagree with this.


Assignment # 1 –> Ideas for first project

1) Digital Text –> Explain how to use various technologies in the classroom –> smartboard, graphing calculator (if math class), spreadsheets, etc.  Some combination of one or more of the above.  (I may do it as a video instead of a text… not sure yet).

2) Poem with educational information: ex: historical figures, geography, significant events in history

3) Writing: how to address some of the different learning styles in the classroom.

4) Video: How to foster creativity and maximize learning in any classroom.

Assignment #1 part ii –> One example of facebook usage

In an educational context –> If there is an educational event outside of school being held somewhere that relates to something the students are learning in class, or that would otherwise enrich their education, or any other educational opportunity, the teacher can send reminders on facebook to all her students, or some kind of invite with the information and logistics of the event on facebook.  A whole educational field trip with interested students can be planned on the internet without interrupting or taking up any class time.

Assignment #1 Part i … Pros and cons of Facebook

Webtool: Facebook


1- Allows student to engage in both aspects of multimedia learning – learn through both verbal and visual channels.

–> learn from words via written communication with students/teachers/readings.

–> learn from pictures and videos through educational links to youtube or other online videos sites.


2- Allows communication between teachers and students, or between students, for important updates, or exchange of important information.

– communication can be live (chat), or done as an email –> private message or wall-post.

– students can access information and communicate with people to gather information from the comfort of their own home.

3 – Most students are already familiar with facebook, so they will be able to use it with ease for virtually any educational purpose.



1- Can Not be used in most school buildings, so if there is any confusion as to how to use a certain application, the issue can not be addressed live for demonstration with the teacher in front of the students.

2- Can be VERY distracting – students have so many other purposes for using facebook – games, socializing, gossip, following clubs/celebrities, viewing pictures, news, etc.  It can be very difficult to focus on school work on facebook with all these other things going on.  This can lead to cognitive overload of both channels in the form of incidental processing of information that may be completely irrelevant to the topic at hand – if not a total distraction.

3- May lead to cognitive overload – the type where the system is overloaded by the need to hold information in working memory.

–> For example, there may be narrative in the form of text on facebook explaining a video, or what to focus on when viewing the video, followed by a link to the video on youtube.  When the student views the video, he may get overloaded trying to remember what the video was about in the description, or exactly what to focus on.