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Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio

The topic of my video is “Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio.” I used Windows Live Movie Maker in PC to make this video. This video contains lecture and examples. This shows lecture about Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio for the first few minutes and then examples in real world for the next few minutes. I recorded my voice using “GOM Recorder,” which is a program made in Korea, since Movie Maker doesn’t have a recording system unlike iMovie. Also, I tried to put my voice and music together like overlapping but couldn’t do so because that service is not offered in Movie Maker unlike iMovie. I think it would be better to put background sound when I deliver lecture.

When I was first told about this assignment, I didn’t know how to do at all. I never made any videos before so I felt totally lost. But, by practicing iMovie and Movie Maker during my free time, I was getting used to using the systems. I really enjoyed making this video. I thought that people who makes YouTube videos are great, but I’m now thinking it’s not that a big deal. I am also getting interested in jobs related to making teaching videos. It’s great to realize that making video is fun from this class and this assignment!