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Slavery in New York

Walking Tour Project Directions

As a group you will create a walking tour that highlights historic sites related to the topic of your PBAT or panel paper.  Research sites and then decide which ones relate best to the themes and ideas in your paper.  Write short (2-3 sentence) descriptions of each site to tell the class important information.  Follow the steps below to create a map of your walking tour on Google Maps.  You must include at least five sites.

1.     Log into your g-mail account.

2.     Go to Google Maps.

3.     Click on “My Maps”

4.     Add a title and description for your map.

5.     Find each site you want to visit on the map.

6.     Mark the sites you want to visit using the placemark tool.

7.     Add titles and descriptions to each site.  Tell us what the site is and why it is important to your topic!

8.     Add pictures to at least three of your sites.  You do this by clicking on the placemark icon in the top right-hand corner of the box where you entered your title and description.  Click “my icons” and then click “add an icon” and enter the web address of your picture.

9.     Connect the sites by drawing lines.  If we’ll need to take the train, tell us which train and what stops we’ll get on and off at!

10.  Be sure to save your work!!!!

11.  Click done.

12.  Make sure your map is public, and then email the link to Ms. Rawson!