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Link to my Final Project


Microsoft Excel Video

Hey guys!  I just added my video for the mid-session project.  It is on how to use some basic functions in Microsoft Excel.  I recorded it from right inside my computer using Cam Studio and my laptop’s built-in microphone to record my voice and my activities in excel.  Then I uploaded the video to youtube, and the link is at the top of this post.

Excel is a great tool to use for many different purposes.  It can be used in various math courses or computer courses to simplify calculations or to avoid having to repeat calculations for different sets of numbers.  It is also great for accountants or for people who are starting a business to keep track of your various expenses, income, taxes, and so forth.

As a teacher, excel is also a convenient tool to keep track of students’ grades, get the class average, each student’s average, etc.  This makes grading quick and easy as opposed to punching every grade in the calculator.  I would encourage you all to play around with excel on your own, or to get a CD that explains it in further detail, since there is a lot to learn from this tool in your computer!

Steps for the creation of your own walking tour:

  1. Get a Gmail account (at gmail.com).
  2. Go to Google maps and click on “My Maps.”
  3. Click “Create New Map.”
  4. Fill in the title and description boxes.
  5. These steps will vary for you, but this is how we made our small walking tour of NYU. First, find New York University on your map.
  6. Click on the blue marker and drag it to your first location (on the demo map, this is Bobst), and fill in the title and description boxes.
  7. Click the blue marker again, and drag it you your second location (on the demon map, this is Dosa Man). (Again, fill in the descriptive boxes).
  8. Click the blue marker again, and drag it you your third location (Warren Weaver Hall on demo). (Again, fill in the descriptive boxes).
  9. Click the blue marker again, and drag it you your fourth location (Steinhardt Building on demo). (Again, fill in the descriptive boxes).
  10. Click the blue marker again, and drag it you your fifth location (Washington Square Park on demo). (Again, fill in the descriptive boxes).
  11. Etc, etc.
  12. Click on the line icon.
  13. Click on your starting position, and trace your steps by clicking on the map at any point you wish to turn.
  14. Click “Saved” when you want to save and “Done” when you are done!

(Liz and Steve collaborated on this)

Walking Tour of NYC’s Central Park!

NYC Walking Tour Central Park


Walk North on East Drive toward Central Park Zoo

Walk Westward, cross East Drive.  Continue walking West as you enter the next Central Park walkway.  Soon, you can turn left into the Central Park Ice Skating Rink.

Continue Walking West from the Ice Skating Rink, and turn right on the Central Park Driveway.  Continue walking North on this road until you reach the Central Park Pinetrum.  If you like, you can stop for a meal at Le Pain Quotidien.

Continue walking North on Central Park Driveway, and turn right when you see the Naumburg Bandshell.

Continue walking North, cross 72nd Street, and then keep walking North until you reach the boathouse.

By: ichawla and barz28