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First Project Ideas -Math-

I am going to make a podcast about one of the following topics for my first project.

1. Explaining “Fibonacci Sequence” or any other real life mathematical concepts using many photos and pictures.

2. Teaching how to lead a mathematical proof or solve a mathematical problem correctly by writing on whiteboard or papers.

3. Exploring a mathematical historic place or figure with photos

4. Looking into different mathematical symbols or calculation methods among countries.

5. Exploring mathematical games which are very useful in real life


Project 1

Some ideas on mathematics instruction:

1. Quick tutorial videos about geometric properties.

2. Digital Collection of pictures of real life structures that connects with mathematics concepts. (building shapes-geometry, flowers-golden ratio, distance, orientation, rate,  etc.)

Project Ideas

My main idea is to create a video podcast illustrated a simple mathematical argument or proof. I may do something geometric, or maybe not; my inspiration would be the Khan Academy videos. I wonder if you know about any good tools to draw abstract shapes and text and manipulate them in a video–please let me know if you have any ideas. I wonder if there are any other forms of media that are good for this type of project–perhaps an online slide-show of some sort (with “next” and “previous” buttons so that students can proceed at their own pace).

Assignment # 1 –> Ideas for first project

1) Digital Text –> Explain how to use various technologies in the classroom –> smartboard, graphing calculator (if math class), spreadsheets, etc.  Some combination of one or more of the above.  (I may do it as a video instead of a text… not sure yet).

2) Poem with educational information: ex: historical figures, geography, significant events in history

3) Writing: how to address some of the different learning styles in the classroom.

4) Video: How to foster creativity and maximize learning in any classroom.